Iris and Matilde are happy to welcome you with their steady team of enthusiastic people. Our team provides the extra touch to guarantee you an unforgettable stay. Guus can tell you where to go for live music, Alex can welcome you in almost every language.

Nouline and Inaya will make you feel right at home while serving you a delicious free breakfast.

Our vision:

In short:

- reduce, reuse, recycle.

Recycle with us, throw everything in the correct bin.

During the buffet, only take what you will eat, don't throw away food. Cooked for too many people? Maybe someone wants to share dinner?

Do you no longer need clothes or objects? Donate them at the reception and we'll bring them to the thrift shop.

- Turn off lights and heating when you leave (in rooms where it doesn't happen automatically yet).

- Respect our staff and your fellow travelers. Be friendly to each other and let's make sure all is quiet after 10 pm.

- Everybody is welcome in our Hostel, it's not only a place for travelers but we want to blend into the neighbourhood. Our bar is a non profit who organises free events for everyone to enjoy. Welcome to organise your own event in our space.

The extended version:

At Treck Hostel we know that new is not always better.

Maarten Goethals already wrote an article about it in the Standaard in 2017.

There he described Treck as 'camping Kringloop; against throw away society, for upcycling'

That pretty much sums up our vision.

We enjoy browsing through second-hand shops to discover gems, but we are also convinced that with well-chosen second-hand items you should not sacrifice comfort and quality.

We think it is important to do business in a socially responsible manner; the effect of our decisions on society should be as positive as possible.

We pay attention to our waste flow, we try to keep it as small as possible and together with Renewi ensure correct sorting. We involve our guests in this process as much as possible and ask them to sort correctly.

For our breakfast we work with organic products where possible and by choosing large packaging there is little waste.

Items and clothes left behind are returned to the Thrift Shop behind the corner.

For us, entrepreneurship must also be socially sustainable;

We take care of each other; who works here is important! We provide a pleasant workplace where everyone can develop their talents.

We work with local suppliers as much as possible; on our drinks menu you will find many organic products and beers brewed around the corner.

We like to send our guests to entrepreneurs in the area, so we can show them our neighborhood and not just Ghent Center.

We also involve the neighborhood in our business.

The neighbors are welcome to come and have a drink, they can come and watch a movie among the remaining heritage and everyone can use our relaxation room for all kinds of (children's) parties and workshops.

(This during the day and always with respect for the tranquility of our close neighbors and other guests.)

We are a collection point for Bioboerderij Goedinge. Every Tuesday you can pick up delicious vegetable packages that are brought to the Krook by electric boat, and from there by electric bicycle to us.

A partnership that is close to our hearts is our partnership with Enchanté. Since 2020, homeless people can come to us via referral and under guidance to relax for a week.

We are committed to sustainable mobility by encouraging guests to come by public transport or by bicycle. Our location along the water (between junction 4 and 93) is a fantastic base for cycling. We also offer rental bicycles, and of course you can also safely store your own bicycle inside or outside. Electric bicycles can be charged.

We are committed to making our place as green as possible. This is not obvious with a rented place, but every little bit helps.

You can hear the birds chirping on our terrace and see the butterflies flutter by. There is also a hotel for the bees.

Motion sensors and push buttons in the showers help us to save energy. By registering our consumption, we want to respond even better to a regulation of our consumption.

We dream about solar panels and collecting rainwater to reuse in our toilets.

By registering for the Green Key label, we show our commitment to contribute to a sustainable tourism sector and we want to make this known.

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