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20u00 – 21u00


 11u00– 12u15

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CHI NENG QIGONG                                                                                                                                


18u30 – 20u00


 9u30– 11u00

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on demand

Cocktail-workshop: Beautiful cocktails for beautiful people

A memorable experience among friends…

Let us take you on a trip through cocktail history. A story starring the bar tender surrounded by happy drinkers. Expect a chronicle of tall tales, funny anecdotes, unexpected twists and … black-outs.

All this while preparing iconic cocktails and exploring the magical world of mixing and matching flavours and garnishes. We can guaranty that you won’t leave without a considerable load of new ideas and techniques and the desire to “try it at home”.


60 ml of pure fun, 30 ml of knowledge and 30ml of passion

Participants: 5 to 10 persons

Price per person: 30,-€

Duration: 2 hours


Interested? Send an e-mail to mandus@fromscratch.be


Theater-workshop: Pieter Beck


Impro theater (min. 2,5 h)


Flirt (min. 3 h)


Theater for kids (min. 1 h)


Interested?Send an e-mail to info@pieterbeck.com