Sugg & Cie, a former brick-yard of heat-resisting materials, was founded in 1854 by a producer of candles from Prussia, Keller Sugg. Later it was taken over by the family Colpaert. Four half-round copola furnaces, from the relatively rare ‘convent’-type, are still intact. All four furnaces have a beautiful square chimney.

In the 19 th century, ‘cornues’ for gaswork were manufactured here. Cornues are fire-resisting funnels, used for the smothered burning of coal and cokes to produce coal gas. Later, fire-resisting elements for ovens and stoves were fabricated, together with ‘chamotte’, grinded fire-resisting stones for ceramists. Today you can still have a look at the tools and molds.

The site is protected, to remember a lost manufacturing process.